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LocationLimassolYear2024 - PresentProject1 BuildingApts11 Apartments

In Limassol’s Petrou Pavlou (Nafi) quarter, a four-story masterpiece harmonizes luxury and convenience. Italian kitchens, Spanish tiles, walk-in showers, and first-choice wardrobes compose a residence where every detail contributes to sophisticated living. This building transforms into a sanctuary, offering more than just a home—an enriched lifestyle, blending elegance, modernity, and sustainability with thoughtful design and unparalleled comfort.

Discover a haven of elegance in the heart of Limassol’s prestigious Petrou Pavlou (Nafi) quarter, where this distinguished four-story building stands as a testament to luxury living. With easy access to the bustling Macedonia Avenue yet nestled in a serene residential street, the surroundings are adorned with schools, supermarkets, bistros, and charming coffee shops, creating an atmosphere of convenience and sophistication.

Step into a world where every detail has been meticulously designed to redefine your lifestyle. Each apartment, including the captivating duplex units, offers covered parking and storage, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and luxury. Indulge in the Italian ultra-modern kitchens, where culinary dreams come to life, and relish the Spanish ceramic tiles that grace the interiors, exuding warmth and style.

Experience comfort and tranquility within your sanctuary. The bedrooms feature split inverter AC units for the perfect temperature, while electric rolling shutters, driven by French Somfy motors, enhance privacy and elegance. Immerse yourself in the luxury of walk-in showers, a testament to modern design, and appreciate the craftsmanship of first-choice wardrobes crafted from exquisite Spanish wood, complete with accessories and lighting.

Elevate the ambiance with ceilings adorned in gypsum board, casting a soft glow through indirect lighting. First-choice wooden doors add a touch of sophistication, welcoming you into each thoughtfully designed space. Windows showcase double-glazed German aluminium, ensuring energy efficiency and peace, while also equipped with fly screens for an uninterrupted connection with nature.

Embrace eco-conscious living with all sanitary fixtures from reputable brands like Grohe or Ideal Standard, complemented by European Pipe in Pipe Sanitary Tubes for seamless functionality. The building itself boasts an anti-seismic design, adhering to English Code standards, ensuring a secure haven that stands the test of time. As a final touch, a solar system for hot water, powered by solar panels, adds a sustainable and forward-thinking element to this remarkable residence. Immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets functionality, and every detail is a testament to the art of living well.